CEREC One-Visit Crowns

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You go to the dentist because of a toothache, or maybe for your bi-annual checkup, and you get the bad news: you need a crown. Not only will you have to face several appointments for preparation, a temporary crown, and then a permanent crown, there’s always the possibility that the temporary crown could crack or fall out. Who has time for all those appointments?

We know what you’re thinking! Your tooth doesn’t hurt that bad, getting the crown can wait. We understand that your time is valuable, but so is your smile! You should never put off important dental treatments such as a crown, and with CEREC One-Visit Crowns, there is now an easier way.

What is CEREC?

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction. Using 3D software, we’ll take an image of your tooth. Then, the CEREC machine mills a custom restoration in about an hour. We'll permanently place the crown during your single visit, and you'll leave our office with a full, healthy smile.

Why CEREC One-Visit Crowns?

Crowns can preserve a tooth by preventing further damage, saving you time and costlier dental treatments in the future. CEREC makes getting dental crowns convenient and with proper care, last as long as a traditional crown. Millions of patients worldwide have experienced the convenience of CEREC crowns. CEREC Blocs, the material from which the crowns are milled, are backed with 20 years of research, so you can rest assured they offer a durable restoration that you can trust.

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